Balance has been lost in the modern world

We are continually bombarded with an ongoing round of demands to make money, achieve, get ahead, give back, be perfect parents, be perfect students, get a job, get a better job, get married, get divorced, be happy, be successful, eat healthily, lose weight, get fit….

Debby Blake-Satchel BalanceWho is Debby?

A question I really started to ask myself last year – 2013. Well not really the “whom am I” question. That I am comfortable with. As a forty something mother who became a single parent of a 6 month old & a 3.5 year old, I have pretty much come to terms with myself over the years. In 2013 my sons reached 18 & 21 & in April 2013 I married my wonderful husband. No wonder then that I started to look at my working life & started to seek a new path.

Why did I look elsewhere?

I landed up bookkeeping & as an Accounting Software consultant. I do mean that I landed up doing this. I never planned it. I had two boys to support & no-one to help. So when everyone grew up in 2013, I felt it was time to start doing what I wanted to do. This is the question. How do you discover this? For me it was fairly easy. The thing that had always been my way of relieving stress was – head for the kitchen. Whenever I could find a few hours spare, I would cook & bake. Over the years this has varied as children & finances changed. I have always been interested in nutrition so….

Debby does Nutrition :-)

I am doing a Nutritional Facilitator course. This is fascinating & the exciting part is that while I am learning a lot, I am also finding out just how much I already know. This is a part of who I am. The research assignments are adding to my knowledge & allowing me to explore & grow further.


My intention is to develop a range of whole-foods that will satisfy our desire for luxury & treats, while avoiding the biggest problem foods in the modern diet. Wheat is so controversial these days. The older varieties, such as Spelt, weren’t bad for us in the limited quantities you can grind by hand, but the modern diet that is based on grains has left many of us with intolerances & allergies. Sugar is the other big baddie in our diets but not all sugars are created equal and sugar that is eaten as a whole food is definitely better for us than sugar that is refined.

We Balance – Choc Muffins

These are our signature product. They have been thoroughly tested on family & friends & given a very definite go ahead! Containing ground almonds, dates, butter & eggs – they are wheat free with no added sugar but rich and tasty with a convenient shelf life of up to a week.

We Balance – Choc Cranberry Muffins

Very similar to the Choc Muffins – these have the addition of dried cranberries giving a tart taste & adding a touch of festivity

We Balance – Lemon & Poppy Seed

The addition of Lemon & Poppy Seeds adds variety for those who want a change from chocolate. I often just have one of each.

Where to from here?

I will be writing blogs about Balance & things that interest me. I have stories of raising sons & building a business. Now I am launching a new one!

To order mail orders@webalance.co.za

For more information mail debby@webalance.co.za

I look forward to hearing from you

Have a FANTASTIC day :-)


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