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Balance Fast FoodsWelcome to the We Balance Webpage & Blog. I trust that you will enjoy your visit & come again soon.

Do you have enough hours in your day to get through all the urgent tasks?

Do you get through all the tasks that aren’t urgent but are just fun & you really want to do them?

Do you have enough time with your family & friends?

From the time we start school – there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Parents are juggling their commitment to work and earn money against their children who reap the rewards & everything seems to happen at high speed.

Into this equation – we enter Fast Food.

What is this fascination we have with pulling up at the local burger joint?

There are different aspects to this.

  1. Convenience: It is faster to buy a ready prepared meal than it is to make it from scratch.
  2. The kids are demanding it: With the onslaught of advertising & keeping up with the Jones, kids are very aware what specials are on where & are keen to compare the toys at school.
  3. We crave it: Hamburgers & other similar Fast Foods are designed – & I do mean Designed – to stimulate the brain. Processed foods are absorbed quickly into our system spiking our sugar levels & giving us a Rush.
Where is the Balance?

I believe in a 90/10 rule. Try to stick to the good stuff 90% of the time & allow ourselves to Slip 10% of the time. So that could be 1 fast food take out every 10 days. or perhaps every 10 meals… which would be every 4 days or so!

Not all fast foods are equal. Some are healthier than others. Choose those options more often than the less healthy ones. Such as sushi and wraps. I love watching the young kids eating sushi instead of burgers – it is main stream now & they don’t realise how lucky they are!

There are also many ways of preparing Fast Foods at home. But that’s a topic for another day.

What is your favourite Fast Food? – Store bought or Home made?

Have an awesome, Balanced day :-)

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